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GIOVINAZZO Bari (Puglia)
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Storia comune di Giovinazzo provincia di Bari

Some dolmens found in the territory are the proof that it was inhabited since the Bronze age. According to the legend Giovinazzo was founded by Perseus, Jove’s son. But its origins actually are unsure. During the Roman Empire there was a small fishing centre called “Natiolum”. After several invasions, about the end of the first millennium, the small village was destroyed and built up again and it was called “Juvene Natiolum”. With Normans and Swabians it was a brisk maritime centre and then it lived moments of freedom and moments of dominations such as Anjous and Aragoneses dominations and then the Viceroy of Naples and the Bourbons. Nowadays Giovinazzo it’s a blooming farming and industrial centre and it’s putting more resources into tourism field.   

Informazioni turistiche comune di Giovinazzo provincia di Bari

On the Adriatic sea, between Bari and Molfetta, Giovinazzo stands as a seaside medieval centre. In its historic centre, characterised by little white houses and alleyways, there are the Cathedral, the ancient palaces, a big square and the medieval city walls. Especially in summertime lots of people come to enjoy Giovinazzo clean sea or just to stroll along the seafront and the old town. here there’s also a worthwhile fishing port.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Giovinazzo

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Giovinazzo


Chiesa dello Spirito Santo

Palazzo Ducale

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Giovinazzo provincia di Bari

Eventi Natalizi

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Corsignano
Feast of St. Thomas
the Grandmother Bun Festival
Historical parade in costume in honor of Maria SS. Corsignano
Giovinazzo Teatro

Bossjazz - Memorial "Michele Mastro"

Fuochi di Sant'Antonio


U'Papun - "Far finta di essere ...Gaber"

S. Martin Jazz Festival 3

Sportivamente - Musica e sport insieme

Non Curismo - Mostra di arte contemporanea di Marco Biscardi

Finale Miss Mondo Italia

Festival in Porto - X edizione

Miss Mondo - selezione interprovinciale

Primitivo 2013 - Natale in piazza

Power Trio in concerto

Rassegna musicale "Radio Vecchio Caffè"

Rassegna musicale "Radio Vecchio Caffè"

Festiva in Gennaio

Giro d'Italia_tappa Giovinazzo

Milonga in Terrazza

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Giovinazzo (Bari) - Puglia

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