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The Valley of Itria is the lowest part of the Murge where three provinces of Apulia meet, that is Bari, Tarentum and Brindisi. Here you can rediscover the millennial history of farmers and lords. The Trulli, world UNESCO heritage and universal value, represent the passing of time and the permanency of the tradition. These are pre-historic buildings which has been preserved undamaged during thousands of years and keep the house purposes. Not only is the secularity of history highlighted by the presence of manmade buildings, but also by imposing olive trees like real sculptures given by nature. Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Cisternino and Ceglie Messapiche are designated “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. Looking from the top of the Valley you will feel enchanted by the colours, the red of the land, the green of the nature, the white of the stone. Large oak woods and bushes surround a lot of farmhouses, which are the architectural symbol of the farmer middle-class, natural oases where you can appreciate the pleasure of the silence and the good life.


Alberobello is the “Capital of trulli” . It stands on two hills: on the eastern one there’s the ...


Ostuni stands on three Murgia’s hills covered with olive trees . It’s renowned as the “White ...

Locorotondo stands on a hill, plunged into the wonderful Itria Valley. Its historic centre, with its 130 ancient quarters (“contrade”), has a rounded pattern wrapped around Saint Giorgio ...

Ceglie Messapica rises on the top of a hill and it overlooks the southern side of Itria Valley. The town boasts plenty of Messapian traces, for example it is rounded by three baileys ruins and all around ...

Cisternino overlooks the enchanting Itria Valley. It is surrounded by a swath of olive trees and it is dotted with the typical trulli houses. This lovely town is part of the Italian club “The Most ...

Fasano is placed at 60 km from Brindisi port and it’s the city that marks out the border between Bari and Salento’s lands. Its territory spreads out from the hills to the  Adriatic sea, ...

Martina Franca is situated among Taranto, Brindisi, ...


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