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SAN MARCO IN LAMIS Foggia (Puglia)
Art and culture, Nature and welness

Storia comune di San Marco In Lamis provincia di Foggia

The place name comes from the name of the saint and from a Latin word meaning “ravine”, just because the town stands in a karstic hollow. The village rose up in the 11th century as a resting place for pilgrims going to Monte Sant’Angelo, but it became a town in 1782 developing farming and hand-made activities. Nowadays is himself a place of pilgrimage and also a place of resting for pilgrims going to Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo. 

Informazioni turistiche comune di San Marco In Lamis provincia di Foggia

San Marco in Lamis stands in a large karstic hollow, surrounded by the Gargano National Park. The medieval historic centre is characterised by terraced roofs and houses with “mugnali”, balconies leading to the upper floors and where families used to spend some time outdoor. The historic centre is still called “Padula”, referring to the mash where it rose up. One of the most interesting building is San Matteo convent, which looms over the town, but also the Cathedral, Badiale Palace, Madonna di Stignano Sanctuary should not be missed. San Marco in Lamis is now a place of pilgrimage thanks to some religious events that take place there, for example the “Processione delle fracchie”: during the holy Friday a procession of people walks around the town with logs in fire used as torches to light the way to the Virgin looking for his Child. Very interesting as well is Borgo Celano: it rose up in 1908 as a resting place for pilgrims going to the near Monte Sant’Angelo, but now is a healthy-air village, the perfect destination for those who want to spend a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di San Marco In Lamis

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di San Marco In Lamis

Convento di San Matteo

Palazzo Badiale

Frazione di Borgo Celano

Chiesa Madre

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate

Chiesa delle Grazie

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di San Marco In Lamis provincia di Foggia

Festa di San Marco Evangelista

Festa di San Matteo

Le Fracchie e la processione dell'Addolorata
Questa manifestazione è forse unica in Italia. Consiste nel far scorrere sui particolari...

Trekking emozionale

Peppino Di Capri in concerto

Le Orchidee Spontanee


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