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TARANTO Taranto (Puglia)
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Storia comune di Taranto provincia di Taranto

Taranto is a very ancient town. Its name could come from the Taro river or from the word “taranta-h” that means “sea” in Sanskrit and it’s associate to the legend of Falanto (a mythological figure) or to the legend of Taras, Neptune’s son. According to the history its foundation dates back to 706 BC when the Spartans conquered the South of Italy and turned Taranto into one of the most important town of Graecia Magna. Then it came under the Roman Empire and it followed its history: barbarian invasions, Lombards, Byzantines. Later it became the capital of a Norman principality for almost 4 centuries and it was later annexed to the Kingdom of Naples. During the XVI century the Spanish people conquered Taranto and they turned it into one of the most important military port. After the decline with Bourbons it was annexed to Italy. During the first World War it was an important port for Italian, French and English fleets and it keeps its importance still nowadays. The economy is based on agriculture, fishing and industry: it has well-developed steel and iron foundries, oil refineries, chemical works, some shipyards for building warships and food-processing factories.

Informazioni turistiche comune di Taranto provincia di Taranto

Taranto overlooks on the Gulf that takes its name on the Ionian Sea and it stands on two seas: Mar Piccolo (meaning “Little Sea”) and Mar Grande (meaning “Big Sea”), that’s why the town is also known as “the town of the two seas”. Two peninsulas separates the Big Sea from the Little Sea and two bridges (a swing bridge and Porta Napoli Bridge) joins the peninsulas to an island where there’s the authentic settlement of the town. In the old town there are lots of historical and cultural marks: Greek and Romans archaeological ruins, castles, palaces and churches. On the coast every summer more and more beaches attract lot of tourists, also from abroad and it’s here that you can savour the best mussels of Italy.

Aree di interesse turistico del comune di Taranto

Monumenti, musei, chiese, parchi naturali, castelli e attrazioni da vedere in comune di Taranto

Piazza castello

Duomo di San Cataldo

Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore

Tempio Dorico

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Isole Chèradi

Ponte Girevole

Museo Civico Etnografo: Alfredo Majorano

Appuntamenti, eventi, manifestazioni e sagre comune di Taranto provincia di Taranto

Processione dell'Addolorata
Allo scoccare della mezzanotte del giovedì santo appare sull'uscio della chiesa di San...

St Cataldo Patronal Festival
The highlight of the event coincides with the procession to pass through the canal, between the...

Stella Maris

Summer Carnival of the Liver
"La vigna di Dioniso"

Festa dei SS. Medici Cosma e Damiano

Settimana Santa

Il cielo in una scatora

La forza del mare nostro - XXI stagione "Eventi musicali" Taranto orchestra Magna Grecia

Artisti Uniti per Taranto

Omaggio a Claude Debussy

Area in concerto

Radici Wines Experience

Concerto di chitarra classica

Stefano Montanari in violino Barocco

I Sonics con Duum in esclusiva regionale

Dixinitaly Jazz Band

Incontro associazioni pugliesi nel mondo

Secondo Incontro associazioni pugliesi nel modno

Mostra fotografica "Donne. Storia di chi ha fatto la storia"

Tutela e conoscenza. Archeologia preventiva nella provincia di Taranto

Save the beauty / Taranto chiama Italia > Italia risponde

Processione con i "Perduni"

Borgo umbertino in festa

1 maggio autorganizzato - musica e confronto per i diritti negati

Raffo Fest 2013

Palio del Mediterraneo

L'isola che vogliamo

Profumi e sapori d'autunno

Funky Fingers Band

Colori in gioco

Sinfonia d'Arte a Taranto

Tàrde Nuève

Autunno in Arte

Dario Cuozzo - Il colore dei viaggi

Concerto di Natale della Fanfara Dipartimentale della Marina Militare Italiana

La Città Vecchia dentro Sant'Anna: Natale tra Devozione e Arte Piscatoria

Bridgette Campbell - The Voice of Gospel

A Natale regalati Taranto

Mostra personale dell'artista Marisa Di Mitri

Aere et Aciarium

One Bilion Rising for Justice - Flash Mob

A piccoli passi

Hotel e strutture ricettive a Taranto (Taranto) - Puglia

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